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Going Digital an Opportunity for Brands to Grow?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

To name a few things that truly makes a brand luxurious is its positioning, brand image, brand purpose but most of all, the experience it provides its customers with. Experience creates value in the eyes of the customer before ever using it. It’s not just about the product, but about the journey and it is this journey that sets a brand apart.

In former days, retail played a massive role in creating a shared experience for customers and led the way for value creation and thus, luxury. There is something about walking into a Chanel store that does it for us that other brands just do not. Brands were known for the ambience they designed to mark their territory in the niche market of luxury. Only if it were that simple in this digital world. Some may say that luxury brands have already established a digital space for themselves, but is it enough? It may or may not be. Existing brands with a large market share may face some difficulties as they face more competition from growing brands as picking up an entry ticket to this exclusive world could go over smoothly.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, majority of the retail stores were shut and going digital was the only route left to take for the customers. Now, is going digital an opportunity for brands to grow or will it leave a crack in the customer experience journey? Brands entering the luxury market have always been welcomed with high barriers to entry. Creating a niche surrounding the brand, reaching the right audience, celebrity endorsements, and captivating attention, but this is not all. Brand ideology and brand experience are the biggest drivers and if played well, it could be a huge turning point in a brand’s operation. Of course, now, these brand drivers must enter the highway digitally. Going digital means personalized experiences for each and every customer. Different content based on our previous usage, the location, time of the day, website search history, and/or anything may be used to make this digital customer experience as special and personalized as possible. The internet has allowed brands to extend their reach to the public all while still maintaining as well as building their market positions.

A personalized experience may be a doorway to success for new and upcoming brands whose plans were impeded by the unforeseen pandemic. Instead of going through the traditional route of launching several collections a year in accordance with the fashion month calendar, brands can now work on their own pace and carve out their own personality increasing the probability of being able to offer disparate and unique services that may not be possible in store. For instance, customising sneakers on the Nike website, using digital wardrobes to shop, targeting personalized collections and newsletters, boosting audience for digital fashion shows and being transparent about actions toward its purpose will just be the cherry on top of the cake.

This is the time for brands to look into the foundation on which the brand was built and evaluate themselves in respect to their brand purpose and identity, social responsibility, and the experience they would like to provide their customers with. This is the time to establish a territory and build on that. Each challenge comes with a ray of hopeful light. With this let’s take “going digital” as a growing opportunity instead of waiting for the storm to blow over.

Photo Credit: Designecologist for Unsplash and courtesy of Olivia Rubin edited by Kathryn Rao

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